Meet Sarah

Health Mentor, Podcast Host and lover of all things yoga, nature and plant-based!

Hello! I'm Sarah, a plant-based chef, Product Developer for plant-based restaurants, Health Mentor, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher.

I can help you with recipe development, healuth mentoring and creating wellness events!

My Story


Throughout my early twenties, and the initial stages of setting up my business, I had my own niggling health concerns, which I was ignoring, and hoping, would just ‘go away’.


I was juggling a full-time job, starting a business on the weekends and, while keeping it all together, was suffering from panic attacks, was diagnosed with IBS, borderline anaemia, glandular fever and a host of other illnesses (it was as though I was collecting them!). My doctor prescribed beta blockers for my IBS, iron supplements and pain killers which were wreaking havoc on my body and mind.


Convinced that that this was not normal or right for a 20 something year old, I started to read every nutrition and anatomy book I could get my hands on and eventually, after a hell of a lot of trial and error, and numerous times falling off the ‘healthy bandwagon’, I started to reconnect with my body and understand exactly what the secret was to heal and to feel incredible. Over the next few years, I witnessed the effects that these techniques were having on my mind, body and business, and I became hooked!


3 years into my business, I was ready to dive deeper into this journey and I invested in a nutritional therapist and a business coach and travelled to Suryalila Retreat Centre and Organic Farm to complete my Yoga Teacher Training in Andalusia, while completing a diploma in plant-based nutrition and wellbeing psychology. 


When I arrived back in the UK, I was so excited and inspired to share my passion for preventative nutrition and yoga. My vision was to be the first plant-based meal supplier to the NHS (which I achieved!) and set up a consultancy service to encourage and support people in their own journeys toward what health and success looks like for them!

I now coach individuals one on one, host nutrition and wellbeing workshops and retreats, host the Modern Wellbeing podcast and nutrition talks on BBC radio every Tuesday.


I understand that feeling exhausted, stressed out, anxious and demotivated can stunt your potential in all areas of your life, because I’ve been there! I want you to feel great about yourself and experience what gifting yourself the time and space to reassess your life path can have.

To see how I can help you, click the link below.

Sarah x