London's leading outdoor yoga festival

My sister absolutely loves yoga and after working for a healthcare PR company in Sydney Australia for several years has developed a great passion for healthy living. I LOVE staying over at her house as she is the absolute best cook and always sends my home with a little treat, if I’m lucky, her delicious cacao bliss balls!

I found out about Wanderlust Festival and the mindful triathlon through yoga teacher Julie Montague’s Instagram and thought that it would be the perfect birthday gift for her!

We decided to stay in a hotel close to Battersea Park where the festival was held and after a 10 minute walk we arrived at 8.30am in time to prepare for the 5km run to start the day!

When we arrived it was incredible, there was, luckily, beautiful sunshine, music playing amongst the trees and so many smiley, excited faces ready for the first part of the mindful triathlon. I had never seen so many happy and energetic faces so early on a Saturday morning!

After the run we lay our yoga mats down and grabbed a couple of turmeric lattes from a nearby stand which were absolutely delicious! We settled down on our matts ready for our 90 minute yoga session with teachers Adriene Bagnall and Julie Montague.

I used to get terrible migraines and followed Adriene’s yoga for migraines video every week which helped so much. I really do love her videos so was very excited to take part in her class!

She did not disappoint, it was such an incredible class and we were so lucky that the sun was shining, it really was a brilliant experience!

Following yoga, we took part in the final sage of the mindful triathlon, meditation with Michael James Wong. As a lover of the Headspace app, I really loved this part. I have since listened to his meditations and it has become a part of my daily routine, it has helped me so much with anxiety and the importance of taking a moment to just stop and be present. I have definitely been guilty of overthinking, worrying and not living in the present moment.

We headed over to Pollen + Grace for breakfast, the food was INSANE. We chose the banana bread with almond butter and bee pollen. Oh. My. Goodness. It was to die for. If you are ever in Wholefoods, pick up one of their products you will not regret it!

The afternoon was filled with speakers and workshops. Our favourite was Living La Vida Veda with Jasmine Hemsley, we bought 2 copies of her book and 2 tongue scrapers there and then! Jasmine explained all about Ayurveda, the three doshas and how Ayurveda has changed her life and we absolutely loved it.

We finished the day wandering around the stalls, trying new products and sampling lots of different dishes before sitting in the sunshine. It was a day to remember and I could not recommend it more!

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